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Altdorfer's View of The Danube Valley Near Regensburg
Offer the Eye a crumb
& it will tarry Home.
Yet that same One the Mind may take
for an Olympian cake!

Mind can make many a tree
lovelier that The Single 1
Eye dares--there--to see
under the prudent Sun:

(Eye can't take Lie)
That's why The Mind was made:
She's always willing to trade
Earth for (the) sky 5

^{5} Any lie is also illusion or fantasy. Even though a lie could be legislated to a truth, such hollow truths seldom withstand the crushing pressures of the real world for long. The eye MUST trade the world of Now for the sky (of the possible) or perish. Religiously, this has other unintended meanings (ethically, as well) since the sensual world should be seen in light of a more principled sky (some higher level of being than the purely animalistic); Man leads a very important spiritual life as well. The (human) mind is the only mind capable of seeing the wisdom of abstaining from ultimately poisoning waters even in the face of a most savage thirst. (I'll write elsewhere of the elemental wisdom in (any) lie.) The terms GOD, NATURE, EXISTENCE (as with most absolute terms) are mostly interchangeable. Final couplet: What hero would not face death for his principles, temporary disgrace for his ultimate honor? What saint would not eagerly burn his hide & all his bones besides in order to free (save) his soul?

We infer an order in existence, then we imply it's there. The human condition finally comes down to the fact that our humanity is a mechanism for inferring order in existence (even if such order is strictly a delusion). The mechanism implies there is order in all existence --otherwise the implication is that existence does not go beyond that order which we have so far discerned (call it The Laws of Physics, or whathaveyou). The animal brain is design specifically to predict the future --that is its principal purpose (after keeping the body in time with itself). It will always predict the future, even when it does so without sufficient facts to draw up even the most remotely accurate prediction (without all those facts which indeed add up to the future): We call imagination those predictions which we know are not the sum of the known facts --a future which does not add up:

Distrust the imagination (the mind) if you're going to jump off a cliff.@