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Jean-Leon Gerome's Duel After A Masked Ball
They tickled him until he laughed;
and then they tortured him
until he wept.
And then he died.

Someone else came along & they
began to tickle him (also) but he
didn't laugh for centuries; then

after he'd finally laughed
they started torturing him

and centuries O centuries passed
before he wept at last

and THEN: he died
But it took centuries!

Next: They pointed at me!
where I stood taking it in

and I (having been witness to
those two predecessors):

I laughed fast & then wept
without they so much as touching me

& quickly--I died.

Startled--They stood:

One of them said: O what
a wasted life! and
onwards went --Onwards forever

will they go until every single One's dead-spent

More Last Words

That's how Mankind can sleep at night
(lulled by The Harmonies of Right):

If they can only live but by
human sacrifice, who can deny
them their Right to live? Certainly not I ...

I apologize: I know I was wrong (although not Why)
to thwart your Collective Will

but, if it was Your Greater Right to kill
at least I also had a little right to die