PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST [from the Spanish--Disputed authorship], Heaven's Pledge does not move me, Lord...

[from the Spanish--Disputed authorship]
Bellini's Christ's Blessing
Heaven's Pledge does not move me, Lord,
to love You. Nor does most fearful Hell
(for all its woes) my duty or my awe compel
as to offend You I'd not dare afford...

Moves me: Yourself! Moves me... the sight
of Your Son on Th'Cross! His aggrieved Body
O, moves Mortality in me
watching Him meet squarely Approaching Night.

Moves me, ultimately, Your Love--And in such (a) way
that ... even if there were no Heaven's Pledge
I would love You ... even upon th'very edge
of Wisdom's Pinnacle or Folly's long Bay

O Lord, weren't I expecting what I from You
await--still would I love You as I do.