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Cezanne's Mount Sainte-Victoire
The rapids gargle all over the rocks shaken
inside the soda bottle Mind

considering Th'Cosmic Clue
ALL (of) Itself conversing/lapping

           hurdles of laughters, Woe,
of itself: soapbubbles & sea-sawing air, stars & sands
bounding up to curls--subsides half-warm & lonely
deep in The Mouth

(crushed fur):   

                      Feast of rippled eyes! &

Th'eyelashes sewed into bedspreads by th'thousands! thousands!

Th'mudmires really converging upon the crystal thoughts & moss

The Mind which is in turn under The Upwards Surge of Truth
th'false impression it's a fountain (of Joy, of Ruth), forsaken,

Th'Spring of all Being & Source of all Loss (only), also

the matters flow on high like God's mountains: down to Th'True:

th'lowest level imaginable/Th'Lowest conceivable point &

Bottom is really only a state of Mind also/only

                                         ( also! only! )