PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST A disconnected accusation flew...
Monet's Westminster Bridge
A disconnected accusation flew
from one end of Th'Court indicting firm-
ly (with all th'Virtuosity of Term

& Measure much too obvious for The Discerning Few
who filled Th'Room

       ... to recognize Th'Twist
of subtlest Logic it contained--in such clear
Shattering Crystallization!         

                         ... Dialogist
--it's always enough for most--sounded sufficiently sincere:

You see: His indirectness aimed at nothing but to miss

the Mark                                      

       ... O, no matter how so accurately
Truth transfixes Th'Bull's-Eye, oftener than not men see
better by heart

         The Open Fallacy in all & this

than by The Most sparkling Precision which hits
them squarely from World's best rambling wits).