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van Gogh's Potato Eaters
Under the Night
remember this

under The Brilliant night

Th'long moon streaking upon Th'wings of Blackness

You move!

Remember this

The fresh sweat of the World
weeping glass/blades lifts itself
dewy, or catches upon the silent Wind


this: Churnings of Th'gleamings-star

Remember this!

The fine breath of Th'mountains
sweeping lowly upon
the dark disturbed transfigurations

from so even this

over th'flaking cotton blackness
of Th'sward, remember

this: trees putting on dark/blue or green
breeze-blouses, lying sleepishly
upon The Solemn woods

remember: GLASS-leaves

breaking off the branches of
the mirrors splintering into
a million eyeballs

     --Dots dew/crystal
by Th'Night, remember this, under

Th'Brilliant (night) long-moon

streaking on wings

of blackness