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Morisot's La Berceau
In cherry blossoms, factories of
fragrance twine along th'gardened curl-

roofed houses where rice wines warm
the family mikados, master of their lives

while Ocean promises Disaster
over the wake of earth-shaking sands

to appreciating artists capturing th'mortal
distress of man amongst the volcanic seem-
inglessness Sheer

       ... or the Calm Actual
... sensuousness in cherry blossoms

amidst th'obi & charades of a heavenly earth
struts th'tourist (or likes slumbering
under th'trees) in th'shade, afraid
that too soon must all man's tours

conclude: Clouds decorating Beauty
at its ineffable, ephemeral abundance,

unbounded, laughing blindly amongst th'Sun's sacred
cries falling dumbly upon th'mushrooming

membership of Man until at Th'Night's resurrection

swans by the billions in her robes
swim off into th'mottled browns out of the dark

brilliant: Life after its own eternally-increasing
shadows over th'lakes of Light

                            ... pearled
with cherry blossoms of the smoothest moonlight's
most distant

    ... World where th'foliage, throbbing
a joyous dance of the sobering cosmic clockworks

swinging sad, stark & solemn from th'smitering
laughing vine of Th'Mind (just boozing it) in

Life's opulent mother-goddesses spilling
milk to th'earth like a rain of mad matinals

applauding in the man-made, the dainty mantles
of self-deception, the suitors of the Unsaid,

th'guillotines of our Wakefulness
--but like grandmother dreams, beautiful
& vanishing in vapors melting & man-made

splendid in the man-made trails: th'boys & girls
losing themselves while hand-in-hand

through th'precious purposeless &
purposeful dispurposes: whirling

like fixed ferriswheels in th'realms of mirth
lurching/chasing & chased, at all its hunches

its clashing climbs & its falls so dashing
melting in the Light

... while Child
is the eternal life, Man
the eternal child
in cherry blossoms
growing wild ...