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Conegliano's The Annunciation
Caverns in the squealings/dealing Woods
are poisoned of Darkness

Look out! Look out! cry out eyes
at Vision in its starkness
Bats will rattle in our throats!

then, in th'broken mankind/banter
(when the steps reveal: Beast!
to be our highest Ideal at its least)

then, we'll laugh at th'ant, th'panther

tremble at our own brute thoughts

Caverns which we, outgrowing one day,
we staying there no more,

by Mind's hammers we turned our Way,
folded like baggage (exterior
to interior) & stored in safe metaphors

style: caverns of romantic guile,
caverns of earthly foods
in which we safeguarded a while
our kidnapped moods

Caverns from which we stept
out of th'sleep we slept

into th'dream we kept--
Caverns! where Christ lay one day:

caverns, caverns far away. 216

^{216} 'Caverns' our humanity, in which we hide, which protect us (the poem proposes we might have evolved from the latter but we still keep true to the former, "you can take the caveman out of the cave, but..."): I admire Richard Wilbur's little cavern/bat Mind/thought analogy, and regret he could not find the resources to create more lyrics with that great a depth of intellectual power, but that's life.

Christ 'lays' down his humanity 'in the cavern His grave,' because even God cannot escape mortality... since He is a human God.@