PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST & it's easy O to bring th'cool...
Renoir's Oarsmen At Chatou
& it's easy O to bring th'cool
Drink to the lips from Moment!

crystal, passing (with large tropical leaves
floating in its wake) & there is a truce
in a Moment's wake

       ... Some sparsely-
lain Trace of chords in the piano--Softly!
just as if the rustling Winds were being suggested.

But Orchestra Immediately puts in its oversized words
as if it were really trying to accentuate
the careless--Meaning of The Universe--this

afternoon... furtive, escaping nothing,
eluding everything! suggests: What's chasing it?

away! Towards what sweet End? what terrible

       --Except Necessity
amongst God's motionless gestures,
muscular agonies, th'comforting pinks, th'nuclear
nude dancing, the drains of our wakeful dreams

... crawls: All!... & the careless

tempi of the clocks
suspended (which is not to say
something or someone weeping without Sadness,

Sorrow, without Sanity, without Thought, Sense,
Joy, Scruples, principles, science)

merely: Sounds of the cool morning showers
in the mind quite moistless, water-

scorched, staunch, resolute, life's all-wet

Man seeking his own shriveled-up immortality
incapable of fluidity

it is too easy O
to bring The Cool (drink) of

to our lips, from Moment sinking into