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Bosch's Paradise & Hell (detail)
The unburdened soil
is alien:

But then
thin shafts

oscillate across
all the subjective tons

of Time ( infinitely
definitely reaching up-

wards emptily towards the
sermon of the warring Skies)

empty, with powerful
believing arms

growing into a mere
Shape It Can Hold
(against Time)

--Until, turning
to reconsider its
wedge into

the peaceful breeziness of
more or less
( all the considerations

life is ) at last
intelligent, the plant
repudiates its image-

impersonation of a Cosmic God
mean & carnivorous as Man

(staring into its own eyes
to see nothing but beautiful

self-lies there) to the rhythms
of the timeless ( hush

that makes sense:
completely lacking ears)

the intelligent plant
having grown
instead into
An Understanding

at last: we finally
Chaos its own self-
imagined form.

van Gogh's Cypresses