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Cezanne's House With Cracked Walls
Leaning against the Light
sifting throughout the trees

Winds melt or fall (as if
they were too heavy for their knees)

scattering a sparkling Scent
even quick eyes cannot collect

& then dissolve into an Introspect-
ion deeper than the most profound


In silence does The Light
burn up the atmosphere

& crashes on The Woodlands
all the year

in Silence--Where a parade
of prating mourners passes

carrying a crowning ray
that's perished! over the next mountain

--A brighter Day
than they could ever take away

Then they convey themselves
back through th'mute dismay

of Darkness over the silent grasses
between Deliverance and Doom

in a scream burning & sere

and re-appear
with a crash of hearse

that cracks the universe!

fell in the balance