PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST Economy invests in me...
Monet's Fishing Boats Leaving The Harbor, Le Havre
Economy invests in me
an odd Tradition

and I take The Sea (in one solitary swallow)
or condense Th'Soul down to a phrase, a line
of minute Verse

--I determine Moment! stuffing it
to a bag (to take it out bits at a later time) &
feed Th'Birds that fly away at Life's seasonal
death--but to return th'next)

Upon th'crucial Act of determining humanity: I
put The Moment up to my lips & eat its nourishment

--So I conclude: men such as me can't take The Dust [sic]
purely (because it's too dry for our lips)...

Yet we can take The Whole Sea
in one solitary swallow!